Six reasons to visit Albania during your next vacation

Albania nowadays is truly considered one of the most unexplored and mysterious countries.

TravelPapa Private Tour Guides selected 7 main reasons, why you should choose this country as your travel destination for your next vacation:

  • Seaside
All the western part of the country is washed by Adriatic Sea, slowly turning into Ionian Sea closer to the South of Albania. The country has all the nice conditions for resting by the sea and the main advantage is represented by the quite pleasant prices that are much lower than in the other countries. The city of Sarandë is a perfect place for all the Ionian Sea lovers and the city of Durrës is the main tourist center for those travelers that are looking for vacation on the Adriatic seaside. One more interesting local tourist destination is represented by the city of Vlorë, which is situated on the junction of the two seas and which also has beaches and hotels of a rather good quality.

  • Mountains
As the Albanian mountains are considered the main sightseeing of the whole Balkan region, all the lovers of hiking and mountain climbing will stay satisfied with the visiting of the country. If you are looking for the breath-taking views and landscaped, you need to go either straight to the tiny local village, called Theth, or to the city of Valbone, which is surrounded by the large and absolutely picturesque national park with the same name.
  • Ancient cities
The amazingly picturesque ancient cities of Berat and Gjirokastër have not become the most popular tourist destinations yet, that is why you will not meet the large crowds of wandering tourists there and will be able to silently admire all the beauties of their ancient architecture. The main sightseeing of Gjirokastër is the beautiful old constructions and it’s totally worth visiting the city of Berat for its ancient fortress, which is nowadays used both as the tourist sightseeing and the hotel at the same time. One more interesting ancient destination is represented by the city of Porto-Palermo, where (if you are lucky enough) the old ticket collector will just give you the key from their fortress.
Where else in the world you will have a chance to open the many centuries years old building yourself?!

  • No tourist crowds
The main advantage if visiting the country is that you will not have to elbow your way through the huge crowds of loud foreign travelers. Even though Albania is a very small country, it has a very large number of various sightseeings that are spread all over its territory and you will not have any problems while exploring them. Isn’t that a good news?
  • Hospitable local citizens
The local citizens are very hospitable – even though the Albanian language is very rare and is generally used only within the country’s area, everyone will gladly help you with all the questions that you may even have or, at least, will try, even if they will not completely understand what you are saying.
  • Prices
As Albania has not become a popular tourist destination yet, the local prices there are absolutely satisfying and may be truly considered one of the main reasons for visiting during your next vacation, as you may enjoy the large, delicious meals, taste local Albanian wines, rest in the high-quality hotels straight in the center of the city and various other joys of life much cheaper than in the neighbor countries like Greece or Montenegro.


Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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