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Combined exotic atmosphere of African and Arab traditions, perfect beaches , the endless Sahara Desert, vivid markets and delicious cuisine are the first things that come up to mind after mentioning the wonderful country of Morocco.

The most popular way to travel around the country here is by bus, which by the way is air-conditioned and rather cheap at the same time. The other ways to get to your destinations is either by train, or by taxi.
Nowadays, tourism is considered one of the main sectors of the Moroccan economy, which is generally focused on the country’s coast, its history and culture, including the ancient cities of the country. There are a lot of various sightseeings in Morocco, so that everyone will be able to find something interesting for himself. One of the main tourist destinations of the country is Marrakech – the ancient city, filled with numerous attractions: singers, dancers, snake charmers, various artists, traders and so on. And don’t forget about multiple museums, absolutely exciting shopping and surfing, which is quite popular in some areas of the country.
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Author: Anastasia Ciolac

Source: TravelPapa.com/PrivateTourGuides

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