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China is a country, which magically combines two absolutely different architectural worlds – the modern one, with its huge, extremely high glass skyscrapers and the ancient one, with its pagodas, lion figures and pleasant fragrances.
China is a very varied country and has lots of unique places of interest that annually attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. They all include such places as Chinese local national parks with their stunning nature, breath-taking views and nature sightseeings, different architectural monuments, distinctive Chinese villages, ancient monasteries and other constructions, multiple museums and many many other things. The most special thing about China is that all these things are completely filled with the ancient traditions of the country and this special local atmosphere is straight in the air.
China got its fame due to its large architectural constructions, like, for example, the famous Great Chinese Wall or Terracotta Army. The other interesting area of the country is Tibet, which attracts foreign visitors from all over the world with its ancient monasteries and temples. And of course, do not forget about Hong Kong, where you can find anything you may even imagine. It is a proud owner of the biggest sitting Buddha in the world, picturesque temples, great Historical Museum and Victoria Peak – the perfect observation platform.
Besides that, China has a huge nature treasures that consist of picturesque landscapes of Gobi Desert, small Chinese villages, stunning mountain chains with their numerous small rivers and tiny streams and thick green forests with a rather varied wildlife.
China also offers a large variety of different activities for all the extreme lovers, including good conditions for alpinism and mountain climbing, skiing, hiking and so on. Tibet is the perfect place to go hiking, but it may be dangerous to go there alone: you may find bears and other wild animals in their natural habitat on your way!
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Author: Anastasia Ciolac

Source: TravelPapa.com/PrivateTourGuides

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