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Mexico is a vivid combination of the Spanish, Indian and Caribbean cultures.

The perfect beaches, ancient monuments of the mysterious civilizations, diving, tequila, delicious cuisine and stirring music – that are the first things that come up to your mind when you hear about this wonderful country, which has an incredibly big number of various historical and nature sightseeings.
All the main tourist destinations of Mexico may be generally divided into two parts: the first one is represented by the long sandy beaches, high quality luxurious hotels, tasty local cuisine and numerous resorts, where you may enjoy diving, snorkeling, surfing and any other tourist entertainments; the second part is represented by the historical places of the country, including the ancient monuments that are reminding us about the mysterious old Maya civilization.
Taxco is a very picturesque city of Mexico, which is interesting for its ancient narrow streets and buildings that are still filled with the colonial atmosphere of the old times.
Another very interesting sightseeing of Mexico, which is intended generally for kids is represented by KidZania entertainment center which represents a smaller copy of the real town with all its buildings, shops, theaters and public transport. Children have a possibility to spend the whole day there playing, choosing one of the multiple offered “professions”.
The list of other large cities of Mexico includes such cities as Puebla, Monterrey, Merida and Guadalajara, where all the foreign visitors may also find something interesting for themselves.
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Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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