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Ecuador may be truly considered a leader among the number of national parks and natural sightseeings in the country.

The most popular local tourist entertainments are the volcano climbing, jungle adventures, exploring the Galapagos Islands, diving and resting on the luxurious beaches by the Pacific Ocean.
All the main sightseeings of the country may be divided into three groups – natural, ethnographical and colonial.
Guayaquil is considered one of the biggest and populous cities of Ecuador. It’s a rather modern and developed city, but there are also some colonial districts with the narrow streets and wooden buildings. There are many sightseeings in the city, including multiple museums, gorgeous quay with its parks and a huge botanical garden, which contains about 350 plants and 73 birds species. Besides that, there are ancient ruins of the Indian dwellings in the city’s neighborhood.
Salinas is considered one of the best beach resorts of Ecuador. The best time for staying there is from January till April, while there is a rather pleasant and sunny weather. Besides that, there are lots of ecological excursion in its surroundings, including the tour to the cacao plantation, local mansions, termal mud baths and so on.
Ecuador is the best place for all the active sports and extreme lovers. There are all the conditions for alpinism, hiking, surfing and diving. Already got interested? Go to and find your own private guide in Ecuador!

Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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