Angel Trains Completes the Desiro Deal

March 10, 2012
Desiro Fleet is been a huge success in the UK, since Angel Trains started its unit during the year 2000
Angel Trains has signed a contract for procuring and financing 20 new Class 350 Desiro electric multiple units (EMUs), which is worth around £131 million. With this new contract, Siemens plc supplies ten Class 350/3 units for strengthening the existing London Midland fleet as well as ten Class 350/4’s to First TransPennie express.

In the UK, already Angel Trains has about 937 Desiro vehicles. The new order of two trains operators for around 80 operators, takes Angel Trains’ fleet to 107. This means that the company leases vehicles for all 19 franchised operators in the UK.

The Chief Executive officer of Angel Trains, Kevin Tribley says Angel Trains is always supportive for the expansion of standard platform Desiro EMU portfolio, to increase the London Midland contract, capacity, and significant milestone of TPE. He also added that the company is also delighted to add the First TransPinnie Express in to the company’s customer list.

Desiro Fleet is been a huge success in the UK, since Angel Trains started its unit during the year 2000. Until now, the company has delivered a good service and excellent reliability record.

Mr. Tribley  also adds that the combination of orders for First TransPinnie Express and London Midland in the existing train specification delivers the value of the money by reducing the operating fleet costs. As a lessor, this is a very good example for adding value, operationally, and financially to the rail industry. The new service will start in the winter 2013. The final batch for London Midland is expected to start the service from April 2014.

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